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Used in Press Brakes, Mechanical Presses, Hydraulic Presses & Custom built hole punching machines

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12/11/2008 08:00am

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Punching Angle Iron for Duct frames and Palisade Fencing Support Agles

Below is a simple 8 tool set up on a plain bed for use in a press brake or power press, to produce angle iron frames for ducting frame flanges. The tools have been machined in the upper leg of the C-Frame to allow the angle iron to be punched with the ‘Leg Up’. The scraps are ejected through a front chute. Back stop pins and support bodies register the angle iron in the correct position.

Palisade Steel Fencing System - Angle Rail Punching

Shown below is a close up of 50mm x 50mm x 6mm steel angle iron which has been punched on a custom built punching machine to produce the cross support bars for Palisade steel fencing. The machine has two end slot tools and 17 round hole punching units - developing about 100 tons total punching force. The units are inclined backwards at an angle of about 20 degrees which makes it easier for the operator to see the dies and load the material into the die space. The punch cycle is 2 seconds plus the floor to floor handling by the operator.


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