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Chest freezer lid panel punching machine

above: This machine produces chest freezer lid/doors in one operation with blanks of plastic coated material. It was important not to mark the finished surface because no further treatment would be made to the panels. The machine produces the handle hole, lock hole, hinge group holes and the foam filler holes.

Although these machines are all manually loaded, they have an output potential of between 10,000 and 15,000 punched and notched blanks per week.

Because the customer has a family of 6 models in chest freezers and 6 models in vertical cabinet refrigerator models - a total of 42 different component panels can be produced. The change from one model to another is quickly done by moving the tools and stops to pre drilled location holes in the bed and this allows the manufacturer to respond quickly to local demands for their products.

Refigerator side panel punching and notching machine

above: The above machine is designed to punch all holes and notch all corners of an aluminium liner component for chest freezers. The material is a dimple form aluminium sheet which is produced in two blows for a range of different size panels. The tools are all able to be quickly reset to panels of different lengths and width.

Each of the machines have been built with components and specialised elements designed and manufactured in our own factory. That includes punching units, punches, dies, hoses, bed plates, fabrication, hydraulic ancilliaries, hydraulic cylinders, electrical control boxes, and electro hydraulic power units.

Each machine has a cycle speed of around one second to which must be added the loading time by the operator. This is normally about 10 seconds floor to floor, but this depends on the operator. Where the blank is moved within the machine for a second cycle this would add about 5 seconds.

Production outputs can therefore easily be in the range of 2,500 to 3,000 finished blanks per day

A machine under construction

above: The machine shown is in construction and testing and the panels are not yet fitted. This machine produces the side panels of vertical cabinet refrigerators in two blows within the machine. This is carried out by using two circuits operated by proximity switches linked to the foot pedal.

Exports to the Middle East

We have completed a large export order for seven machines to Syria and Egypt to produce the metal parts for chest freezers, vertical refrigerators and display chillers. The contract was completed in the last six months of 2003 and all the machines were adjustable to suit different panel sizes for various refrigerator model capacities in the family range.

The project involved designing and manufacturing a complete turnkey package complete with operating instructions, drawings, and spare parts.

Freezer panel punching machine for chest freezer liner

above : The above machine is fitted with 57 individual punch heads which operate in two cycles for each blank inserted in the machine. The blank is manually loaded to depth and side stops in the machine and completes the first cycle by operation of the foot pedal. The blank is then pulled forward to a second position and a second circuit of punching tools is activated by a signal from a proximity switch. This detects metal presence before the pedal can be operated for a second blow to complete the final punching operation...

The refrigerator manufacturer has so many models to make in varying and comparatively low quantities, that the cost of a decoiling and CNC punching system was both too expensive and too inflexible to respond to model change over times.

Other methods such as conventional presses and die sets were again considered by the customer to be too expensive and committing too much material to stocks and stores. Our machinery solution is one that offers the customer a ‘just in time’ facility - and allows a fast response to the change in market conditions coupled with consistently accurate components.

Freezer lid punching machine and bottom piece punching

above: a closer view of the lid/door punching machine with a second component produced at the side. By using proximity detector devices for the blank materials, two circuit were used in the machine so that while one component was produced, the other circuit was deactivated.


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