Round Hole Punching

Stock sizes and Coding

We hold large stocks of standard round diameter punches and dies to suit all metal thicknesses up to the unit capacities in Model M10, M14, M20, & M30

Please refer to the round punches and dies page for ‘ex -stock’ sizes and the die size range available.

Non-stock sizes are available to customer specified sizes at no extra cost - with a few extra days delivery.

Punches are stamped around the head rim with the metric size in format xx,x - whilst the dies are stamped around the rim in the format xxx. For example: 10,3mm diameter punch - No 105 die (suits 0,8 to 1,2mm thick metals)


Above: A typical unit tool arrangement on a bed plate ready for fork lifting into a mechanical power press.

Complete Units - punches & dies.

Availability :-

The complete units referred to on this site are normally available 2-3 days ex-works subject to stocks remaining unsold. This applies to the popular size range punches and dies normally Model M10, M14, & M20 for diameter from 3,0mm up to 20,0mm.


The ‘Minni-Die’ system allows tool designers and product manufacturers to reduce tooling costs in comparison with ‘single purpose’ die sets. Modification of components with either more holes or different size holes can easily be accommodated. This minimises down time and tooling costs considerably.

This feature is particularly useful for example where a ‘family’ of components such as fluorescent light fittings or steel filing cabinets components might be considered.

Model type - Description

The ‘Minni-Die’ range of punching and notching units are either ‘punch head’ types or ‘stripper’ types. The popular and most used units in the range are models M10 to M41 which include punch sizes from 3,0mm to 41,0mm diameters.

The ‘stripper’ type units are the larger capacity units from 51mm diameter to 127mm diameters and shapes contained within these daimeters relevant to each model. (see Models M51-M127).

All units are self contained in the shape of a C-Frame and have no attachment to the top beam or platten of the press. The punch and die are aligned automatically by a key to the punch and a dowel key to the die keyway.

Operation is by one cycle of the press. During the cycle, the sleeve or stripper grips the material to be punched as the disc springs are compressed and the punch is forced through the metal. On the return cycle of the press, the punch is automatically extracted from the metal and pulled off the punch by the stripper and spring forces.

The base of each unit in the range has a group of dowel holes which varies from model to model. The central dowel hole is concentric to the major axis of the tool body holder

above: An assortment of different types of ‘Minni-Die’ products including C-Frame units, 90 degree corner notchers and hydraulic ‘Uni-Cages’

The Punch size is stamped with the metric size around the flange rim of the head of the punch. E.g. 12,7mm (0.50”) - see chart for stock sizes

Select the die size from the chart for the material thickness to be punched. E.g. for 12,7 dia punch in 3mm MS or Alu use 0,6mm total clearance die size

The Die No is stamped around the rim and indicates the actual die size. E.g. for 12,7mm punch in 3mm MS use die No 133  - (which is 13,3mm diameter)

The saucer shaped washers are DIN 2093 disc springs - which are sometimes called ‘Belville Washers’ and these supply the stripping force to pull the punch out of the metal

above: is a diagram of how a set up on a power press could eject scraps through the bed for collection in slug trays.

Left: shows a diagram of units set up in a row to punch a simple strip component.

Unit Tools grouped on a press bed

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