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Used in Press Brakes, Mechanical Presses, Hydraulic Presses & Custom built hole punching machines

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Model M10 - 150 + 300 throat depths

Model M14 - 150 + 300 throat depths

Model M20 - 150 + 300 + 450 throat depths

Model M30 - 150 + 300 + 450 throat depths

Model M41 - 200 + 400 throat depths


Generally, the units have 2mm allowance for regrinding on dies and punches normally have up to 6mm regrinding allowance. This varies according to the model and material being punched so please refer to the individual model pages

The Models M10, M14, M20, M30, &  M41 utilise a ‘punch head’ design which has been the basis of our product range for four decades.

The Model No in each case represents the maximum diameter available within that unit range.

The maximum shape size available in any Model must be contained by the maximum diameter in that unit - which is the main shaft diameter.

It is a feature of each of these models that the sleeve in which the punch slides acts as the material gripper and strips the metal off the punch as it retracts with the disc spring stripping force.

Sometimes, when punching very thin material - less than 0,7mm thickness - the sleeve is counter bored and fitted with a close fitting insert to suit the punch diameter.

The punch head assembly and punches in the ‘M’ series can be interchanged with other model types of the same ‘M’ series. For example the ‘M10’ punch head also fits Model SM10, and Model M10PF.

The punch heads can also be built into ‘box jigs’ or ‘bridge beams’ for through feeding of material for repeat indexing.

above: a simple set up to punch 8 holes in 6,4mm thick copper strips for busbar manufacture. The tools and stops are located and clamped to the bed plate for a single purpose repeat job.

above: Model M14-150 complete units arranged together with model 800P stop supports to form three stations on one bed plate used in a hydraulic press brake

above: A ‘bridge beam’ fitted with a series of Model M10 punch heads to perforate panels by a series of repeat index blows of the press.

Changing punches & Dies

The ‘punch head’ types have a complete assembly which can be removed and replaced with another ready built punch head in seconds. Alternatively, the head can be removed and dismantled in seconds - where a circlip is employed to hold the parts together.

The circlip never takes any load during the punching operation and is merely a convenience. The punch head is held in the unit by the key in the upper leg - and this is used to guide shaped punches or to prevent the head from be lifted out or falling out.

Die buttons are held in place by a split front and vice screw. Shaped punches also have a dowel to locate in the pre-set keyway and this is usually on the right hand side. Small screws to locate on ‘jacking’ flats are also included.



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