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90 Degree Corner Notching Units

M50N front view M50N side view

Standard 90 degree notchers

Two models are currently available. The smaller unit is Model M50N which has a capacity to notch corners of 50mm x 50mm in metals up to 6,5mm thickness.

Model M100N has a capacity of 100mm x 100mm in metals up to 6,5mm thick.

Both units are fitted with adjustable  back and side stops on both sides to suit the capacity of the unit.

The die height is 65,0mm and the shut height is 197mm which both match all the other units in the ‘Minni-Die’ range.

:above: Front view of M50N (typical)

above:Side view of M50N (typical)


M50N plan view

The tools have a lip at low level to aid clamping by the use of a swan necked clamp and stud set.

Diagram of press brake tool set up for a press

above: Plan view of M50N (typical)


In addition to standard 90 degree corner notching, all the other units in the ‘Minni-Die’ range can be used for 90 degree corner notching or other included angular sizes.

These units would have extended heeled punches to engage in the die during the crop cycle - which is to prevent ‘kick-over’ - where the punch could strike the die.

Edge notches are also available to customer specification which can include round or shaped punches to provide a ‘compound’ tool shape.

These are available to quotation but are only a small percentage increase over the ‘standard’ shapes price list. (Available on application by e-mail - contact us).

Base dowel holes are coincident with the cutting edges and inner corner of the tool.

above: A diagram to show how a base plate with notching and punching tools could be laid out and used on a power press.

Diagram of corner crop data tools on a press

above: A diagram to show the smallest distance a punching unit can be placed next to a 90 corner notch unit

Diagram for angle notching method

above: A diagram to show how angle iron frames could be notched on a press brake using four 90 degree corner crop units. The front of the upper half of the notching unit would be machine away to allow the angle iron to clear in the upper position.


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